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   Hanna x Madge is a Nashville based singer-songwriter duo comprised of sisters Hanna and Madge Ross.  Influenced by Ed Sheeran's storytelling lyrics, Frou Frou's whimsy, and Maggie Roger's spunk, Hanna x Madge combine soft acoustic sounds with elements of folk and alternative, dreamy pop.  The group's essence lies in their sibling harmonies and

colorful yet accessible lyrics.  Madge's classical training and soaring soprano trills compliment Hanna's soulful, grounded, earthy vocals creating a unique blend of sister sonic magic.

   Creativity found the Ross sisters at an early age--since childhood,

Hanna has been fascinated with words, making up stories about fairies

and other fantastical creatures, writing poems, and obsessing over spelling bees.  On the other hand, a self-proclaimed baby bard, Madge enjoyed reading mythology and folk tales in addition to finding foreign languages fascinating, enchanted by the way different people use sounds and letters to convey emotions, make art, and connect.  Both sisters cite travel and reading as their biggest sources of songwriting inspiration.

   Hanna x Madge's debut single, "Black Coffee Green Tea," was 

released November of 2018 and the sisters are currently working on a slew of folky pop bops.


• Star Sign: Virgo

* Hogwarts House: Raven-puff

• Instrument: Guitar

• Soul Song: "Feeling Eiffel" 

   - Michael Giacchino

• Fun Fact: Favorite children's book is THE RAINBOW FISH & loves '90s music


• Star Sign: Scorpio

• Hogwarts House: Gryffin-claw

• Instrument: Piano

• Soul Song: "The Wheel/Treegap"    - William Ross

• Fun Fact: Owns extensive VHS collection & loves popcorn








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